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Tetris Reduces Cravings

There is no doubt that the Tetris game is both fun and frustrating. The game is also addictive in nature, which has caused some parents to limit the time their children spend on such games. But did you know that Tetris can help you to reduce cravings?

Recent studies show that playing Tetris for at least three minutes can drastically reduce cravings for food. According to the theory of Elaborated Intrusion, visual images can drive our cravings for certain things. That is to say, food cravings are the result of our imagination -- an imagination that intrudes and excites a certain pleasure center in our brain. We are creatures wired to indulge our pleasures, coupled with a strong visual acuity, we find that diets are extremely difficult to maintain.

Researchers asked a group of volunteers to play a game of Tetris, while a second group was asked to sit in front of a screen after being informed that the game was loading (they never got to play the game). The two groups were instructed to rate their cravings before and after the experience (note that both groups had a similar level of cravings before the experience). It was discovered after 3 minutes that the group that played Tetris had a lower craving and less vivid craving imagery than the other group (reduction was up to 24% in some cases). The Elaborated Intrusion theory, which shows that a visual spatial working memory load decreases naturally occurring cravings, was supported by the result of this research.

But did you know that other studies show that Tetris can be used in the treatment of certain medical conditions? For example, Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) and post-traumatic stress disorder are said to be two medical issues that can be treated by playing Tetris. It is also believed that anyone playing Tetris can also improve their brain intelligence and efficiency. That certainly makes you think twice about the addictive nature of a video game!

The version of Tetris was developed by fans and is closer to the original vision of Russian scientist Alexey Pajitnov, the game's creator, and is suitable for reducing food and other cravings.

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  • Press Z : Rotates block counter-clockwise
  • Press X : Rotates block clockwise
  • Arrow-Key "Left" / "Right" : Position the falling block left or right
  • Arrow-Key "Down" : Increase the fall speed of the block