Play Free Tetris Online to Help You Diet

Play Classic Tetris to Help You Diet

Tetris Helps You Stick To Your Diet

Games play a major role in our lives. Our smartphones and computers are filled with different forms of video games, and we have obsessed over video games since the 1970s. But did you know that some games can help you achieve life goals such as losing weight? Scientists and researchers around the world are starting to see the value in video games beyond just amusement. Tetris, the classic video game of the 1980s, has been proven to reduce ones cravings for food. In a word, Tetris helps you stick to your diet.

The process of craving something includes a strong visualizing element. But you can short circuit that process by replacing the visualization of one thing for another, to deflect the craving (i.e. attention) to something else. In theory, this sounds relatively easy to do, but in practice -- and anyone on a diet can attest -- is difficult. But Tetris has a powerful affect on our minds because of a fundamental aspect of its design -- 7 pieces, in 7 colors that barrage our visual senses with an unrelenting goal of stacking those pieces to form solid lines. The hypnotic element of Tetris is itself a visualizing element. Indeed, the Tetris Effect testifies to the powerful visual aspects of the game -- visual aspects that may very well help to reduce food cravings simply because it replaces the visualizing of food with the persisent visualizing of the Tetris pieces.

Tetris can actually help you to stick to your diet and reduce cravings in general:

Tetris has a strong visual-spatial aspect, which helps your mind to divert its visualization of food to focus on accomplishing the goal of the game. People who play Tetris ultimately don’t have time to visualize the food they want, because their mind is so pre-occupied with placing the pieces, they all but forget their cravings.

Many psychologists claim that Tetris can be very useful for people who smoke. They say that if smokers play this classic game for just 3 minutes, it could actually weaken their craving for a cigarette.

If you want to ignore your cravings, a prolonged game of Tetris is an easy (and fun) way to achieve this goal. So let it be known that playing Tetris is a fun and challenging way to stick to your diet.

The version of the classic game is presented for those who need help in sticking to their diet. Have fun, lose weight, and achieve your goals!

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  • Press Z : Rotates block counter-clockwise
  • Press X : Rotates block clockwise
  • Arrow-Key "Left" / "Right" : Position the falling block left or right
  • Arrow-Key "Down" : Increase the fall speed of the block